Bio Profile 01

I draw for a living while creating people’s dream homes.

Aidan is an aggressive learner who has traveled from country to country. The value he places on diversity permeates his experiences and artistic pursuits alike which both span multiple cities including Seoul, Toronto, Savannah, Copenhagen, and New York. His eclectic travels abroad have uniquely equipped with a far-reaching sensibility for visualization skills beyond Interior design and Architecture.

In years of his career as an interior designer in New York, Aidan has focused on creating designs that integrate an understanding of client’s behaviors & needs and bring the client to the center of the design solution. He enjoys the process of understanding users’ physical environments to bring innovative change in their homes and workplaces and utilizing collaborative, values-driven strategies to inform design.

Aidan intends to share a thing or two about what he thinks about the world in different forms of art & design through Aidan Han Designs. He is hoping to grow his knowledge and creativity without limits, always with the first desire to be able to create for those who enjoy and value his artistry.